Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Success

Whatever the motive or the acts deployed in attaining success, at the end of the day it’s the success that remains etched in one’s mind long after the actual event. It is the same for many aspects in life. People forget the reasons and results but years later only remember the event and I guess that’s what Kim Kardashian chose to rely on. She made the Kim Kardashian tape, had it distributed via a proper channel, ad made a huge booty of it. The initial reaction couldn’t have been totally favorable from certain quarters but I guess time and tide wait for none. It was just the initial flak she drew pertaining to morality of sex tape releases. Thereafter things seem to have gone pretty much in her favor.

The Kim Kardashian tape ascertained instant success and soon she was in a reality program that revolved around her family life. After that she even participated in ‘Dancing with the stars.’ It’s another thing that she was the 3rd person to be eliminated but well, at least she made it.

Fame attributed to the Kim Kardashian tape ensured that she became a celebrity who blogs instead of being totally lost is oblivion. She’s even dabbled in business ventures as a result. If the rumor mills are to be trusted, she’s still popular and as such is going to even try her own line of perfume. It doesn’t end there, she’s even engaged in a shoe selling venture, certainly a visible chain of events that are resultant of the Kim tape release. Wonder where the tape’s lying now and if life has moved on. No idea if she’ll ever experience such a heightened frenzy that was part and parcel of the sex video. I guess that sort of fame is difficult to imitate but don’t be disappointed. If gossip be trusted she’s planning a sex video with current beau.

About Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

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